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At present, the method of cat kidney function blood test is distinguished by the value of CREA (creatine) which cannot be excreted by the kidney with urine. The higher the CREA number in blood, the worse the renal function. However, getting the first urine every morning means that after the whole body has been digested and metabolized for a whole night, the excess waste should be excreted through the kidneys. If the kidney function is not good, not all waste can be excreted with urine which remain in the body, such as CREA, other substances with electrical conductivity are also blocked, so urine can judge kidney function. Among them, electrical conductivity is a very useful indicator. In the case of maintaining the same dietary habits for a long time, the electrical conductivity of urine with a good renal function is relatively high.


For adult cats under 7 years of age, the urine conductivity is relatively high, because the kidneys function is good, allowing the excess waste material in the body to pass. But really don't be too high. Too high means that the heavy taste diet is dragging the kidneys. The long-term work of the kidneys will cause a rapid decline in kidney function, and you will suffer from kidney disease without knowing it. We recommend that the urine conductivity of adult cats under 7 years old should not exceed 40mS (the range of seawater). The urine that is more salty than seawater indicates that the burden on the kidneys is too heavy.


Currently, one-fifth of the cats have varying degrees of kidney disease, with the focus being largely undiscovered. In particular, kidney disease of phase 1-4 is not developed step by step. It may change from phase I to phase III in a short period of time; In fact, many of the cases sent to the veterinary hospital are already in the third or fourth phase. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautions and regularly measure the electrical conductivity of the cat's urine and establish a health curve of your lovely pet.


The benefits of using the electrical conductivity of cat urine to understand the kidney function of a cat:

Convenience: DIY at home

Immediacy: Unlike blood tests, blood tests are a time, not a period of time; urine can be measured every day.

Persistence: Continuous data shows changes in the day, to understand the situation between two blood tests.

Economical: one EC meter for long-term use.

Preventive: Cats under the age of 7 begin to measure, keep watching the change and establish a healthy curve

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