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Pet  Healthcare


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The health and longevity of pets are related to the feeding style of the owner. As the saying goes, the disease comes from the mouth. There are thousands of kinds of feed on the market, and long-term consumption has a subtle influence on the pet's constitution. Just like human children, their favorite foods such as fried chicken nuggets and French fries in fast food restaurants, fried snacks, high-sugar and high-salt junk food are not good for the body. In fact, the pet's preference for food is also the same. If there is such a correct understanding, the health and longevity of the pet will not be planted in the feed we feed every day.


The method of health care is to manage the input and output of the body, teach you to choose the right feed, record the urine conductivity of the child, and build a healthy curve for the pet.


Pets are unfortunately suffering from kidney disease. You can also help your pets to examine changes in their condition and track their kidney function by helping them establish a health curve.

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