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Illness finds its way in by the mouth

Everyone knows that one of every five cats has different degrees of kidney disease. One of the reasons is that cats do not like to drink water. This is an innate condition. Because the recipient accepts this fact, he often goes with the flow, is passive in this respect, and rarely takes positive action. A seven-year-old adult cat, in addition to taking the vaccine every year, began to take blood tests. He often found kidney disease after blood tests, and it was already in the second and third phases. Knowing that the cat is suffering from kidney disease, the owner is speechless to face the fact that the physical condition of the cat has deteriorated in the next few years. The point is, if you can start doing some work before the age of seven, the chances of getting kidney disease after the age of seven will be reduced or delayed. Will you do it?


Water is enough or not, not just depends on the amount of water to drink. It is related to the food that eats into the stomach. For example, cats like to eat heavy taste such as human like high-salt, fried foods that is delicious but harmful to human health. The same amount of feed, protein and electrolyte components account for a relatively high proportion of heavy feed, so long-term use of heavy-flavored food can cause kidney burden.

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