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Since 2001, Senno technology has been continuing research and development, manufacturing, production, selling the handheld TDS/Electrical conductivity meter, inline TDS/Electrical conductivity meter, the application of TDS/Electrical conductivity meter, TDS/Electrical conductivity controller, water-saving controller, 1/4, 3/8, 0.01-0.1GPM, 0.1-1 GPM, 0.2-2 GPM digital liquid flow meter, 1/4 3/8, 0.01-0.1GPM, 0.1-1 GPM, 0.2-2 GPM digital liquid flow controller, Timer controller, 360 days countdown timer,timer alarm, leak/leakage detect, alarm, controller. Hopes that those products give users the convenience of living.

In2014, this year we established the electronic trading platform,,  it is available for consumers to have more convenient way to buy our products. In addition, we also set up a Facebook fan group to provide more product information and applications to more people on this platform. We also hope that more people can contribute their product experience, so that we can constantly improve our products.

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